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This is a nice music lover’s box. The drawers work for smaller items. It stands 10.75” about 7.5” wide & about 4” deep. It is made with quartersawn sycamore
& walnut.


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Tree Of Life

A box with the tree of life growing in the case. It stands 10.75″ is 7.5″ wide & about 4″ deep. It is made with cherry & walnut with a walnut veneer on the drawer fronts


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A box with the look of a wizard from different movies. It is made with walnut & ash. It stands 10.25″ is 6.5″ wide & about 4″ deep. 


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Paw Print

A fun five drawer box made in the shape of an animal paw. It stands 9” tall, 8” wide,
& about 4” deep. Made with cherry & walnut with a walnut veneer on the drawer fronts.


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Twisted Hanger

A five drawer box, the long drawer has two pegs for hanging items. The other four drawers hold more than one would think. It is 10.75″ long, 8.5″ wide & about 4″ deep. A nice starter jewelry box.


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Double Retro

A box styled after 50’s or 60’s furniture. The top drawer is divided & the bottom
is full length. A great desk or office box. It stands 6”, is about 11” long & around 4” deep.
Made with cherry & ash.


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One of my animated style boxes, Disney or Alice & Wonderland. Three nice size drawers, it stands 10.5” tall, around 5.75” wide & around 4” deep. Made with cherry & walnut.


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Single Retro

Another box in the 50’s or 60’s furniture family. A nice all-purpose box. This one is 10.5” long, 3.75” tall & around 4” deep. The drawer is divided with one side longer than the other. It is made with Sycamore & walnut.


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Another animated style box. Two good size drawers in a small box. It stands about 7.5”,
Is 5.5” wide & around 4” deep. Made with quarter sawn sycamore & walnut.


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